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The Aurora Murders and Demonic Possession

Jesus casting out demons

Jesus casting out demons (Photo credit: Nick in exsilio)

This is a fascinating article written from a Roman Catholic viewpoint.  The author relates a reasoned, calm thought on the various stages of involvement in evil and demons.  I do think the ending is weak, particularly in leaving out any Scripture and mention of Jesus Christ.  This is somewhat implied.  However the article gives everyone who is willing to think about good and evil something to think about.

The Aurora Murders and Demonic Possession.

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No one can offend you without your permission

“No one can offend you without your permission.”

English: Neal Boortz at a FairTax Rally

English: Neal Boortz at a FairTax Rally (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard that today on the radio listening to Neil Boortz.

We live in a world today that seems to think that there is a God-given, constitutional, moral RIGHT to never hear or see anything that offends them.  It’s as if everyone has developed a case of overly sensitive ears!

I’ve read the Bible –

I’ve read the constitution –

You have NO right not to hear things you don’t like.  You have no right to silence people you disagree with.  And the only way you can be offended is if you decide to give your permission by taking offense.

Jesus said offensive things to people.  Moses said offensive things to people.  God said offensive things to people.  And if you listen to enough people, you will find people today who say things that are offensive.

So what should you do?

1) You can become an offensive jerk like everyone else. – I do not recommend this but chances are someone already thinks that about you anyway.

2) You can engage in debate with the person about what they are saying. – Sometimes not possible and sometimes you don’t have the time.

3) You can ignore it. – One of my favorite methods.

4) You can listen to it and consider that what is being said might be true. – Often a good idea.

5) You can go to God and pray blessings for the person.  Excellent!

6) You can go to God and ask God to show your own flaws and ask for his guidance.  Again, excellent!

The Fruit of the Tree

The Fruit of the Tree (Photo credit: Josh Kenzer)

Remember that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy,  peace, patience (long suffering – kjv), kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.

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