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Still in Matthew

English: Folio 9 from the codex; beginning of ...

English: Folio 9 from the codex; beginning of the Gospel of Matthew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week we visited our old church – the one we attended 8+ years ago.  The pastor did a great job preaching out of Matthew.  The interesting thing was that he was preaching through the book of Matthew when we left.  At the time, he said that he intended on preaching on this book the rest of his ministry.

When I asked some friends who still go there, I found out that this was a continuation of the series from more than 8 years ago!

It is really amazing all the spiritual nourishment you can get when you read deeply and study even one book in the Bible!

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Life without preaching

Today marks 4 Sundays without preaching.  It feels strange.  The first Sunday, we visited in Kc.  It was women’s Sunday and there really wasn’t a sermon, just a slide show of a ladies trip toHawaii.  The 2nd Sunday, we were downtown.   This church had about 100 in attendance in a sanctuary that seats 700.  An interesting service, but they are not reaching the people who make up the square.  Last Sunday it was off to a satalite church.  The music was toooo contempary for my taste but the sermon was interesting. However in thiinking about it afterwards, there was really nothing distinctively Christian or even theistic about it.  Today, we are going to visit a Baptist church we used to attend.  Hopefully all I will have to say about it is good things. (originally published June 24, 2012)

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