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Tickets bought

English: An Air China Boeing 747 taking off fr...

English: An Air China Boeing 747 taking off from Beijing Capital Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Until money has exchanged hands, most things are still up in the air.

I guess it’s official then.  We’ve bought tickets and put down money.  We will be leaving LAX on Air China on August 31 around 1:30 in the afternoon.  We will arrive in Wunan about 17 hours later at 9 pm local time or 8 am Missouri time.

There will be someone at the airport holding a sign with our name.  It will take about 1.4 hours to get to our apartment.

There is so much to do but regardless, we will be in China 42 days from today.

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Our future apartment

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OK, it’s not a 5 star hotel – that’s what the university said.  But still, it looks pretty comfortable to me.  This is where we will be living in less then 2 months.  I’m pretty excited about it.

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We have an offer

Saturday, I woke up and went out to Star Bucks to drink coffee.  I wasn’t really expecting anything – but I decided to check my email.

WOW.  We have an offer to teach now in China.  Our contact sent a copy of the contract and we printed it out.  The rest of the day Saturday we spent going over the contract and discussing it with a good friend who is a professor.  After being reassured that everything looked OK, we sent off our replies on Monday afternoon.

Today I got another email back.  We will begin our first class on September 10, 2012!!!!!

English: huanggang 中文: 黄冈

English: huanggang 中文: 黄冈 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is exciting!  We have some pictures of the apartment.  It is in an 8 story building where they house teachers.  It is about 15 minutes walk to the new campus and they have a free bus if we need to teach at the old campus.

In approximately 2 weeks, the visa work will be finished and on the way here.

Huanggang Normal University is the name of where we will be teaching.

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Maybe a University

English: The Jiuwanxi Bridge in Zigui County, ...

English: The Jiuwanxi Bridge in Zigui County, Hubei, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing the saga.  It looks more and more like we might be teaching in a University.  We have a school that is waiting for our documentation.  Today, we will pick up the doctor reports (basically a form that says we are in good health), we will go to Kinko’s and scan our passports and our diplomas. We will attach our letters of recommendation.

And then – the big moment!

We will email this across to the continent of Asia.  If all of this is acceptable – we might start teaching conversational English by September 1.

We have  prayed that God would make his way plain and this may be it.  This is the only place to that has responded to us at all.

Again – we feel like Abraham.  Will this work out?  God knows!  We can only act on faith.

English: The Jingzhou Bridge, Hubei, China

English: The Jingzhou Bridge, Hubei, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Snake Hill (Sheshan) of Wuhan (Hubei, Chin...

The Snake Hill (Sheshan) of Wuhan (Hubei, China), topped by the Yellow Crane Tower, seen from the west (from the eastern end of the First Bridge). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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More progress – doctor issues

An enlargeable map of the administrative divis...

An enlargeable map of the administrative divisions of the People’s Republic of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night we applied to two more schools as well as writing back to the University in China.  Progress continues.  This week, at my doctor’s appointment, we got a “health check letter” to send off to China as well as a promise for prescriptions for antibiotics and pain killers to take with us if we go to China.

I sent a letter to the University letting them know that we are gathering the documents.  I just got an email back from him thanking me and looking forward to receiving all the materials.

It’s looking more and more like we might actually move!!!  We pray daily for God’s guidance on this.

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Letters of reference

Last night we asked a couple of friends to write letters of reference forus.  It seems a little strange. We are going to send these off to China so the people in China will know how great we are!  Of course, if we had friends who wrote bad tngs about us, we wouldn’t send them.

Does this seem a little odd to you?

We sent our friends some guide lines about what to write.  How they know us, what we are like and how great we are.

It makes me wonder: what do people think about us when they are not writing a letter of reference?

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At Last

I don’t know if this is where God wants us to go – but – we finally got a response from a university in China.  We will send the documents and reference letters and pray for God’s will.

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Cleaning House

One of the least glamorous steps in getting ready to move overseas is sorting stuff and cleaning house.  WOW, did we really save that?  I thought we got rid of that 20 years ago!  And so it goes.  Today we gave at least 100 books to the library.  I am certain the total is over 1000 books we have given away.  The trash can has been overflowing.  Old clothes have been disposed of.  And still the process goes on.  Will it ever be done?  Kids, you should be grateful we are leaving overseas.  If we were to have died a few months ago, you would have overwhelmed with dealing with this junk! (Originally published June 23, 2012)

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Continuing the process

Last night we met with Mr. Park at the local Korean restaurant to discuss the future.  I think he would rather us stay in theUSand host Korean students.  That is something we may do in the future but for now, we feel a calling to travel overseas.  The possibility of doing editing of students papers came up and I edited a paper applying for a PhD program.  It was interesting and might be something to work on on the side. (Originally published on June 23, 2012)

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Applying to Teach

I don’t know why it is so difficult to actually make an application to teach.  This is sometng we both really want to do.  Tonight we sent off our resumes to eslfamily to teach in a small city just east ofSeoul.  I really pray that we will hear back from them and get a contract – if this is God’s will. (Originally June 22, 2012)

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